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Bag/ck to Purgatory – a bag for Purgatory

The project Bag/ck to Purgatory arises from the collaboration between the Museum of Santa Maria of Souls in Purgatory at Arco and the Academy of Fine Arts of Naples, with the support of Progetto Museo Association.
The intent is carrying on the idea that a place can also be remembered through a useful, eco-friendly and durable gadget as a shopper.
The customized shoppers are among the most popular accessories for the public and the most collected gadgets by tourists visiting museums and galleries. They are also a very effettive tool for all types of organizations, that intend to promote and make known an event, an exhibition, a topic or their existance.
Then, customization can go beyond a production of a logo, using a space almost as large as a canvas or a white sheet of paper.
The focus of this fourth step of a productive collaboration between the church of the ‘pezzentelle souls’ and Academy of Fine Arts of Naples, has been on the personalization through an identity, designed specifically for this place.
After a visit, students were invited to create illustrations with no limits about expressive styles, executive techniques, interpretative approachs, just the propose to capture the visual identity of this suggestive site. The product should be made on fabric.
Public can vote their favourite shopper: the most voted shoppers will be producted and sold at the bookshop of the museum.

Academy of Fine Arts of Naples
Illustration Course Daniela Pergreffi
Lettering Course Gabriella Grizzuti 
Three-year and two-year students of the School of Communication Design, Coordinated by Enrica D’Aguanno
With the collaboration of Resli Tale, Sonia Giampaolo, Ester Vollono.

Coordination of the Museum Complex of the Purgatory in Arco Francesca Amirante and Vittoria Vaino.

The project was financed with the sale of the winning bookmarks of the previous SLAP SegnaLibri dal Purgatorio initiative.